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11 Best Cat Themed Gifts for Cat Lovers

11 Best Cat Themed Gifts for Cat Lovers

In this article, we will have a look at the best Cat themed gifts. We all have a cat lover in our life. Someone who could fill up their house with all things related to cats if it were to them. It makes it both easier and confusing to find a perfect gift for them.

They might have a lot of cat-themed things already. Hence, you need to find something unique that stands out. You would want them to remember both you and your gift for a good while. 

11 Best Cat Themed Gifts

Here is a list of  the bestcat themed gifts that you can give to your friends and family on any auspicious occasion. 

1. Cat Pillow

Pillows are the perfect cat themed gifts for people of all ages and preferences. They can boost the visuals of your room while providing help in falling asleep. Their soft stuffing and comfortable material are also fit for hugs and snuggles. 

cat pillow gift

Cat Pillows are ideal if you have budget restraints as well. A gift that checks out all the goods without being heavy on your pocket.

2. Cat Necklace

You can find jewelry inspired by cats that looks absolutely adorable on whoever wears it. Cat pendants and necklaces are trendy among cat lovers. If you have such a friend, they would love to have something related to cats to wear. The best part is you can find a lot of variety in cat necklaces.

They aren’t necessarily expensive either. You’ll find plenty of options to choose from in terms of design, colors, and price. These necklaces will improve your look while adding a unique touch that reflects your personality. 

3. Cat Cushions

Like pillows, cat cushions are pretty in-demand when it comes to cat themed gifts. People love both giving and receiving these. Cushions are more of a decorative accessory but also carry some comfort value.

Couches and sofas would look better than ever with a cat-shaped cushion resting on them. Cat cushions are available in multiple sizes and designs, and you will indeed find something your acquaintance would love. 

4. Cat Blankets

If you are gifting someone a cat theme pillow, make it better by pairing a blanket along. It’s another one of those gifts that won’t just look good but will also come into use. You can use them in any season. Both light and heavy blankets are used in summer and winter, respectively. A blanket will also remind the receiver of you whenever they go to sleep with it on them. There are plenty of designs and patterns available. From paws to cat heads, these blankets come in plenty of variations. 

5. Water Bottles

People carry water bottles with them wherever they go. It’s a good idea to stay well-hydrated, after all. Gift someone with a cat themed water bottle to make the experience a little more pleasing than usual.

Cat themed bottles are available in a lot of varieties. From simple paw-prints on the outside to the cap having cat ears, these bottles look pretty and add to the owner’s personality. This is why a cat-like bottle is something you should consider gifting someone who loves cats. 

6. Stickers & Magnets

Magnets and stickers add much to the visual quality wherever you apply them. You can use cat-themed magnets by sticking them on refrigerators, cars, home appliances, and more. These magnets are very flexible and durable. The adhesion lasts long, and whoever receives these magnets can count on them to stay for a long time. 

cat sticker gifts

Similarly, you can gift someone paper stickers they can use at different places. Stickers and magnets can also be used as add-on gifts. 

7. Cat Calendar

Every house has a calendar, even in the modern age. We don’t need them to look at dates and months anymore, but themed calendars are an excellent decorative. A pretty little cat-themed calendar is a great addition to any room or house. 

8. Footwear & Clothing 

There are a lot of clothing and footwear choices when it comes to cat themed gifts. From t-shirts to shoes and bags, there is plenty of options. In winter, there is an option to go for hoodies and sweatshirts. Speaking of footwear, cute cat-like slippers and floaters are something any cat-lover would love to walk around in. 

9. Earrings & Bracelets

Cat-themed jewelry is an excellent gift to give to a cat lover. Earrings significantly add a cute touch to a person’s look without looking too loud and overwhelming. You can find a good collection of earrings for people of any age. Cat bracelets to wear on hands are an excellent choice for cat themed gifts too. 

10. Cat Themed Phone Accessories

Phone accessories like covers, cases, chains, etc., daily. This is why they serve as an ideal gift. It is more than just for looks, however. For example, a cat themed protective case protects a mobile phone from damage. 

11. Night-lights & Lamps

Lamps and lights shaped like a cute, friendly cat will be an adorable addition to any household. Doesn’t matter whether they love cats or not. But for a cat lover, this might just be the missing piece in their household aesthetics. 

How To Pick The Right Cat Themed Gifts

You need to consider three factors when buying a gift for someone. A cat lover might love anything related to cats, but you have to make it more meaningful as a gift. 


A gift doesn’t always have to be helpful in daily life, but a little bit of utility never hurts anyone. Pillows and lamps are perfect for that. A pillow might not be the most luxurious gift ever, but it will help a friend get quality sleep. Similarly, a lamp or a night light can be helpful in studying. Gifts that look good but don’t come in use are more likely to be forgotten.


Gifts are for special occasions, and hence should be special themselves too. It should leave a lasting impression on the receiver’s memories. Cat themed gifts such as necklaces and bracelets remind them how close they are to the gifter.

Aesthetically Pleasing

In all honesty, nobody likes a gift that doesn’t look good. Thankfully, that’s not something to worry about when it comes to cat themed gifts. All of them are pretty and adorable. You just need to find a product that stands out even better in looks.

Final Words

Cat themed gifts are ideal for not just cat lovers. They have the perfect combination of aesthetics and utility. A cat pillow, for example, is a great bedroom accessory for just about everyone. It gives your room a unique look while also contributing to better sleep.

Your gift ends up being an integral part of someone’s daily life, which is what we want a gift to do. To be memorable and meaningful. The ones mentioned here are the best cat themed gifts you can give someone who loves our furry friends.