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14 Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers

14 Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers

Gifting something to a cat lover is easy in theory but a bit tough practically. While you know what they may like, the criteria still remains too broad. There are so many gift-worthy items that you can give to a cat lover.

But a gift should be special, and you should put some thought into it for it to be meaningful. Here are some ideas for unique gifts for cat lovers that you should consider. They will not only be more memorable than a generic gift but more useful as well. 

1. Custom Cat-Themed Clothes

Custom clothes are one of the simplest yet unique ideas to add a personal touch to a gift. If your friend or someone in the family owns a cat, you can get a picture of it printed on clothes to gift them.

It can be anything from a simple t-shirt to a hoody. A present like this makes people feel closer to both their pets and the person who gifted them. 

2. Board Games & Puzzles

Here is something you can give someone they’ll remember and use for a good while. There are so many cat-themed board games with fun and unique rules. A board game is an excellent way of having fun with friends. A themed board game like this would boast the personality of whoever owns it.

And whenever they play, they will remember who gave it to them. Puzzles are also an excellent option that people can enjoy by themselves.

3. Cat Pillow

long cat pillow


Cat shaped pillows are loved by every cat lover. They are pretty, practical, and multi-purpose. It makes them a great investment. We use pillows daily, but none come close to a cat pillow in visuals.

These soft stuffed things also serve the purpose of an emotional support buddy and a sleeping companion. You can also gift someone a long cat pillow that they can snuggle to sleep.

4. Cat Cushion

Like pillows, cat cushions are a fine addition to any household too. Even better when someone in the house is a cat lover. Cushions might not be as versatile as pillows, but they are still excellent decorative.

A cat-shaped cushion will complete the look of a room for anyone who loves cats. To make it better, you can gift someone a combination of pillows and cushions. It could be one of the unique gifts for cat lovers you know. 

5. Cat Necklace

Cat-themed jewelry is visually appealing and unique yet affordable. You can buy a cat necklace for a friend who loves the feline they can wear around showing their love for them.

A necklace is also more memorable than, say, a t-shirt, for example. It will always remind the person who gifted it to them. 

6. Pictures & Portrait

Gift your friend a framed picture of their cat. It can’t get more unique than that. Even better, get someone to draw a portrait of their beloved pet. There is more meaning to this than an expensive gift with no personal touch to it. 

7. Cat-Themed Crockery

Crockery is always a good gift to give someone close to you. It covers both the visual and utility departments. But you can make it more unique than ever with some customizations. Customize cups, mugs, and dishes with pictures of someone’s cats printed on them.

Good gifts don’t have to be expensive. Custom crockery will be more meaningful to a person than an expensive item that they could buy themselves.

8. Cat Blanket

If you are giving someone pillows and cushions, you could finish it off with an adorable cat blanket. A complete cat-themed bedroom is the stuff dreams of a cat lover.

The best part is that it doesn’t look overwhelming and is actually useful as well. Sometimes all you need in life is a soft blanket with cat paws on it. 

9. Custom Stickers & Magnets

unique cat gifts

Stickers and magnets are good accessories to have with you at home. You’d think they aren’t special enough to be gifted. That is, until you can customize them with a picture of someone’s cat. They can spread their precious kitty all over the house. 

10. Pet Tent

A pet owner would love anything that makes their pet's life easier. A cat tent will do exactly that. A cute little tent house is one of the most useful and unique gifts for cat lovers. It gives their cat extra space to rest and sleep in when they aren’t wandering around, causing chaos. These tents are available in multiple colors and patterns. They look good anywhere in the house. 

11. Cat Toys

Gift a cat owner toys for their pet. Cats love toys or basically anything they can play around with. It boosts their mood and helps them stay emotionally positive. By giving someone cat toys, you can show you care for both the person and their cat. 

12. Mittens & Gloves

Cat-themed mittens are gifts that warm both your heart and hands. You can find gloves that look like cat paws. While not everyone might like wearing them, they look absolutely adorable. 

13. Socks & Footwear

Cat slippers and custom cat socks are the unique gifts for cat lovers who love it to be a part of their personality. They look pretty and come in handy every day. They got everything you’d need from a meaningful gift. 

14. Lamps & Night Light

Boost any room’s ambiance and aesthetics with a lamp themed after a cat. They fit everywhere, be it in a room for a toddler, a student, or an avid reader. It is one of the most visually pleasing options available. All that while being extremely useful and purposeful. 

How To Choose Unique Gifts For Cat Lovers

Choosing a gift is a struggle for a lot of us. You can’t rush the decision as you don't gift people something every other day. Some parameters can help you determine the best and most unique fits for cat lovers. 


How good a gift looks isn’t always the most important, but it does matter to many people. Thankfully, there are tons of colors, patterns, and designs when it comes to cat-themed gifts. Go for one of the more aesthetically pleasing products, especially if you consider options like clothes, footwear, and more. 

Usable & Memorable

Just being cute and precious isn’t enough for a gift, unfortunately. Anyone can buy pretty-looking things for someone. But it will never have that sense of closeness that you get when you know about someone’s likes and dislikes.

Whatever cat-like gift you finalize, make sure it is usable in real life. They will remember you every time they take a look at the gift you gave them. 


Last but not least, your budget matters a lot when you are looking for unique gifts for cat lovers. Not everything is expensive here, and you have plenty of affordable choices. 

Final Words

In conclusion, there are plenty of unique gifts for cat lovers that you can go for. No matter how close you are to the person, these cat-themed items are bound to leave a mark. The products mentioned on this list are multi-dimensional and multi-purpose.

They don’t just look good but are useful and memorable as well. Most of them add a unique touch to their surroundings while making a person’s love for cats apparent. There are plenty of options within every category, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.